Thousands upon thousands of women are marching in 50 cities nationwide to protest the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, who cancelled his plans to attend the Smithsonian's African-American Museum in Washington, D.C. on Martin Luther King Day on Monday in the wake of comments made by Congressman John Lewis, (D, Ga.). In those comments, Lewis stated that he does not consider Trump a "legitimate president." Women across America are livid over offensive comments that Trump made about women during and after his presidential campaign at rallies and on Twitter.

Trump's war on women

In some of the comments that Trump made about women, he said that Megyn Kelly was bleeding from the mouth and eyes. He also called Kelly a "bimbo." Trump called Meryl Streep "a Hillary flunky who lost big," (ABC News, 1-9-17). He also stated the Streep was "overrated" as an actress. He described Rosie O'Donnell as "fat" and as a "slob." Trump also described his opponent Hillary Clinton as "crooked Hillary." Trump also ridiculed former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, and stated that she had gained "a massive amount of weight," (The Washington Post, September 27, 2016).

Additionally, Trump, at various junctures throughout his campaign, ranked women according to a rating scale based on their appearance, attractiveness, poise, etc..

Trump also demeaned female reporters, including Kelly, by stating that they were not being "nice" to him. Then he would re-emerge on the campaign trail and claim that he "respects women." However, those claims did not resonate with women in the shadow of all the other comments he made about women across America.

The Mormons weigh in

Surprising to many observers both inside and outside of Washington, D.C., is the fact that even 21,000 Mormons have signed a letter protesting the inaugural ceremony. This group of Mormons is upset over the fact that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is performing at the inaugural ceremony. In Washington, D.C., which is just one of the 50 cities in which women are conducting their protest marches, over 1,200 buses will take citizens concerned about a wide range of issues to rallies to hear a gamut of speakers.

In addition to women's issues, the speakers will address the environment, education, health care, union rights, jobs, civil rights, veterans' issues, LGBT issues and other matters.

Cabinet nominee failed to pay employee taxes

Meanwhile, Trump's nominee for Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Congressman Rick Mulaney, (R, S.C.), has revealed to Congress that he failed to pay over $15,000 in employee taxes for a domestic employee. Mulaney has to face Senators in his confirmation hearings in an age in which transparency is becoming increasingly important on Capitol Hill and across the nation.