Portland's anti-Trump protesters have had a rough week. On Sunday, according to The Oregonian, a Trump supporter was assaulted and knocked unconscious during a demonstration at Portland International Airport. And now, KGW.com reports that one of the leaders of the Portland protests is facing charges for sexually assaulting a teenage boy.

Micah Rhodes, self-proclaimed head of the Portland's Resistance group, has been accused of four counts of second-degree sexual abuse. Rhodes, 23, allegedly met the boy in 2015 through the dating app Grindr. After the teenager told Rhodes that he was underage, Rhodes revealed that he had a record of past sex crimes and urged the teen to proceed with caution.

Nonetheless, the boy claims that he and Rhodes engaged in consensual sex.

Anti-Trump protester knew boy was underage

Police questioned Rhodes on Jan. 25 and again on Jan. 28. During one of these interviews he confessed to meeting the boy through Grindr and knowing that the boy was underage. According to Portland's KGW.com, the city police were informed by the Oregon Youth Authority that, at the time of the alleged sexual abuse, Rhodes was on parole for first-degree sex abuse and first-degree sodomy convictions.

Portland under siege by protesters

Portland has been the scene of almost daily violence since the inauguration of Donald Trump, and has been the site of violent demonstrations dating back to last year's presidential election.

During the week following the election, Portland police arrested over one hundred protesters. The demonstrations continue to impact the downtown section of the city, where anti-Trump protesters have blocked streets and disrupted the flow of traffic.

The latest outbreak of violent protests unfolded at the Portland International Airport after President Trump enacted the immigration ban.

Grant Chisholm, who counter-protested with the Bible Believers Group, was knocked unconscious after being struck in the head with a metal object. He was rushed to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for emergency treatment. Several websites, such as the Daily Mail, have posted video footage of the brutal assault.