Esteban Santiago got off a plane that just arrived at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and went to the baggage area to collect his luggage. He then went into the bathroom and loaded a gun that he had packed in his luggage and walked out of the bathroom shooting. Witnesses said he never said a word, just walked around executing people (seemingly aiming for their heads).

'Star Wars' T-shirt

The 26-year-old shooter was wearing a 'Star Wars' T-shirt and except for the gun in his hand and the carnage he left in his wake, he looked like many men his age.

His flight came in from Canada, but it is known he was living in Anchorage, Alaska. What was perplexing about this shooting is that Santiago didn't seem to have any motive or even a target at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Four minutes of carnage

Why did he take that long journey from Alaska to Florida to set off this 4-minutes of carnage? If he wanted to shoot his gun off in a crowd, there were plenty of places closer to home where he didn't have to set out on a long trek to do this. What made him come to Florida and set off this string of death and gore? These are the questions that the authorities are trying to find answers to.

Santiago left five people dead and another eight wounded with this horrific event, according to USA Today.

He didn't seem to have any one specific person in his scope as he shot at anyone near by. People fled the area running and screaming as chaos broke out. His gun ran out of bullets at one point, but he stood right where he was and reloaded the gun.

Loads and then reloads gun

Within a matter of seconds he continued his shooting spree with another round of bullets in his gun.

When he emptied out his gun again, he had no bullets left and this is when he sat down on the floor seemingly waiting for the police to come and get him. Police apprehended him without incident and he was taken into custody unharmed.

Shooter's family

Santiago's mother and brother spoke with the media today, according to Fox News live.

They report that the suspect was under mental health care. The Anchorage FBI Field Office reports that Santiago walked into their office back in November to report that his mind had been infiltrated and he was being coaxed into joining ISIS.

Showed up at FBI Field Office

The FBI turned him over to local police and he was then hospitalized. The FBI did investigate him at the time and found he had no ties to any terror groups. According to the L.A. Times, the shooting broke out at a little after 1 p.m. on Friday. Views of the airport streamed across the news stations, showing people running out of the airport and onto the tarmac, with no place left to go. Planes filled with passengers were left stranded for hours on the tarmac as the airport closed down for all incoming and outgoing flights.

According to Fox News live at 7 p.m. Friday night, people were not allowed in the airport if they were outside and not allowed outside if they were inside the airport. The people outside have no use of any bathroom facilities, even after several hours. The airport closing caused major problems for other flights as a ground stop for all flights headed for Florida was put in place by the FAA, as seen in the tweet below: