President Donald Trump signed his first executive order in the Oval Office on Friday night and it was immediately noticeable that the room had a Trump-style makeover. Gone were the red drapes that were installed when Barack Obama was in office — they were replaced with heavy, gold drapes per the request of the nation's new president.

In addition to the gold drapes, there are new couches in the Oval Office and Heavy reports that a bust of Winston Churchill that was removed by former President Obama is back on display.

While redecorating can't be done in every room of the White House, some rooms will reflect the preferences of the new president.

That's why the gold drapes aren't a big surprise — the family's home at the Trump Tower is known for an excessive amount of gold decor. Even his personal plane has touches of gold everywhere, including the buckles on the seat belts.

Speedy makeover

Any changes requested by the president are taken care of within a five hour period between the move-out of the outgoing president and the arrival of the new POTUS. According to USA Today, none of Trump's requested changes could be made until the Obamas left the White House for the inauguration ceremony on Friday morning.

All of Trump's favorite things — right down to the brand of toothpaste prefers — will be at his beck and call.

Changes to wallpaper and furniture are done per his request and everything will be in place when he steps into his private quarters.

During a live CNN report during the Inaugural Ball, host Anderson Cooper mentioned that former President Obama didn't change the Oval Office decor until he was in office for two years, so some people are a bit surprised that Trump has already made changes to the room.

However, in light of the President's love for gold decor, it doesn't come as a surprise that the curtains were put up right away.

Other changes in store?

USA Today states that the incoming president is told what he can and cannot change at the White House but when it comes to changing furniture, wallpaper, paint, and chandeliers, that's perfectly okay.

It's not clear which rooms have been given a makeover so and it's totally possible that the First Lady may be waiting to make changes until she lives there full-time. Melania Trump and the couple's 10-year-old son Barron won't be moving into the White House until school ends in June.