Last night’s Pre-Inauguration Performances were star-studded. Actor Jon Voight’s appearance was short but to the point. He said our prayers have been answered and looked behind him saying that Lincoln is smiling knowing America will be saved by President trump. Voight introduced renowned singing artist Sam Moore who sang an inspiring "America the Beautiful". The words crown thy good with brotherhood really touched your heart with his version.

America’s armed services were all present and their bands were sweet music to the ears. Then Lee Greenwood drove the points home that Trump has been stressing, in the song "God bless the USA." Besides other artists, Toby Keith sang several of his hit patriotic songs including "Made in America", "American Soldier" and "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue".

In essence, it was great that those Hollywood snowflakes (incapable of dealing with another’s opinion) couldn’t make it because this was making America great again.

A Renewed America

Last night built up to this Inauguration Day of the 45th President of the United States Donald J Trump. A winter storm gripped most of the country and the rain affected those attending the Inauguration with former President George W Bush taking shelter under a clear poncho. Former President’s Carter, Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary were all there. There were three different men of the cloth with Franklin Graham, son of Evangelist Billy Graham who said he noticed that it didn’t start raining until President Trump came to the platform.

He said, “In the Bible rain is a sign of God’s blessing. May he bless you, your administration and America.”

Protesters fail to disrupt but destroy city

Meanwhile, the disturbing scene was all the violent demonstrators that smashed local shops and cars only a mile away. The last count was at least 217 demonstrators were arrested for vandalizing and setting fires and other damage.

By contrast, when Obama the 44th president was sworn in there wasn't a single infraction. Apparently, that's the disposition of the Trump-haters as they did the same thing when their candidate of choice lost last November. #Trump Inauguration