On her final appearance on Jimmy Fallon, she was serenaded by the Great, Stevie Wonder, as he performed two of his hits songs “Isn’t She Lovely” and “My Cherie Amour”. The highlight of last night’s episode was watching Americans express how they felt about our First Lady and saying their final goodbyes. They spoke such encouraging word about this beautiful woman and how she has had an effect on their lives.

The people gave their heartfelt expressions about our first lady, by simply looking at a picture of her, but they didn’t know that Michelle heard every word as she stood behind a closed curtain and captured the heartfelt words from the American People.

She surprised all of the guests by greeting them with a warm embrace.

During the interview with Jimmy Fallon

First Lady Michelle Obama talked about life after FLOTUS. She still plans to be involved with organisations such as, “Let’s Move” and “Reach Higher”. She goes on to state that she didn’t take on these issues and projects because she was the first lady, she did it because she cares. She cares about the health of her children; that is why she started The School Lunch Program, which implements healthier lunches for children. First Lady Michelle Obama also talks about her passion for education. She quoted “In order to be a leader you have to get a great education”. She plans to keep sending messages that promote education all over the world.

Michelle Obama is the true definition of dignity

At the end of the interview, Michelle Obama mentioned her recent conversation with Melania Trump. They talked about family and the importance of change. She stated that “this democracy is not about parties, it’s not about demonising the other side, we are all trying to get stuff done”.

First Lady Michelle Obama and her family plan to be supportive to the Trump administration as much as they can, which I can definitely see coming from a woman with such class and dignity. Michelle Obama embodies what many look up to. She has carried her stature as First Lady with grace and honor. Michelle Obama is an excellent role model and will be highly missed after her departure from the White House.