On Friday, police in Palm Beach arrested a banana-wielding federal employee after she broke into Donald Trump's private club and committed random and bizarre acts of vandalism. Kelly Weidman, 48, is facing misdemeanor trespassing charges after sneaking into the Mar-a-Lago club, smearing bananas on cars in the parking lot and typing obscenities on a club computer.

According to Palm Beach County's Sun Sentinel, the Clearwater woman was arrested on Friday after Mar-a-Lago security called the police and reported that a female was illegally on the grounds and refused to leave.

When Palm Beach police arrived shortly after 7:45 a.m. they discovered Kelly Weidman had walked onto the private property and smeared bananas on vehicles parked in the parking lot.

Says she wanted to make a statement

Weidman confessed to the bizarre behavior and admitted that she had entered the club illegally just hours before Trump took the oath of office, found a computer, and typed a vulgar anti-Trump message on the screen. She also confessed to moving balloons from inside the building to the bushes outside.

When police asked her why she had gone onto the property, Weidman said that she wanted to make a statement about being "cyber attacked." but no one would listen to her. A security officer at Mar-a-Lago said that Weidman arrived at the club earlier in the day in a gray sedan but was turned away.

She returned later on foot.

Weidman was released by authorities after being charged with misdemeanor trespassing. She is scheduled for a court appearance on February 14.

Vandal a federal employee

According to the Sun Sentinel, the banana-wielding vandal is employed by the U.S. Postal Service. She has worked for the Postal Service as a clerk since 1999.

Donald Trump purchased the 18-acre oceanfront property in 1985 and maintains a part-time residence there. Referred to as the "Winter White House" by some Trump insiders, the Mar-a-Lago club is expected to serve as the president's vacation getaway during his tenure in office.