Kellyanne Conway has quickly become one of the highest profiled members of the Donald Trump administration. With that extra notoriety has come additional criticism, which hasn't gone over well with the former Trump campaign manager.

Conway crumbles

Over the summer, Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway replaced Paul Manafort as the campaign manager for Donald Trump. Conway was instantly vaulted into the spotlight, and could be seen on various cable news and Sunday talk shows in the months that followed. Conway has often come under fire for making comments and statements that don't always check out with fact-checkers, but she has continued to stand by her position of defending the billionaire real estate mogul ad nauseam.

Since the election, Conway has been promoted to the role of presidential counsel, a position created to bring her into the White House. As seen on her offical Twitter account on January 27, Conway didn't hold back.

After receiving heavy backlash from the media for her use of the term "alternative facts" to describe falsehoods coming out of the Donald Trump administration, Kellyanne Conway has increased her criticism of the news media. While joining "Fox and Friends" for an interview on Friday morning, Conway stated, "There's an awful lot of opining going on by people who call themselves reporters.

They're supposed to talk about the news." Not long after the interview took place, Conway retweeted the video clip, while adding additional comments, which was followed by backlash on social media.

"Difference b/t asking tough ques & snark, eyeball rolling, gratuitously negative descriptors," Kellyanne Conway wrote on Twitter, before adding, "Opining not 'reporting' & those twitter feeds!" Conway appears to be following in the footsteps of the former host of "The Apprentice," who has described the media as "terrible" and "dishonest" people.

Conway has since sent out several more messages on Twitter, this time praising the "Pro-life" demonstration in Washington, D.C., just days after bashing the Women's March that took place last weekend.

Next up

While Donald Trump has only been in office for a week, the tension between the administration and the media has reached an all-time high. During his presidential campaign, Trump would often make bashing the press a part of his shtick, which doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon.