One of the reasons Donald Trump was able to connect with as many voters as he did was the controversial way he used social media. While Trump has often come under fire for his use of Twitter, the president-elect is just three weeks away from becoming the new president, despite opposition from Vice President Joe Biden and many others.

Biden on Trump

Election Day was supposed to be when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton became the first female President of the United States, at least according to most of the mainstream media and pollsters. When the results came in and the votes were counted, Donald Trump crushed the dreams of Democrats everywhere, and has made sure to rub salt in the wound ever since.

Over the last two months since his big win, the billionaire real estate mogul has backed off his vow to be "very restrained" on Twitter, and has only increased his presence on social media. Trump's tweeting habit was a topic of discussion during a January 5 interview with Joe Biden on PBS News Hour.

Joining PBS host Judy Woodruff was Vice President Joe Biden who didn't hold back his views of the new president-elect. When Biden was asked about Trump's Twitter habit, the vice president suggested, "Grow up Donald, grow up." "Time to be an adult.

You're president," Biden said, directing his comments towards Trump, while adding, "You've got to do something."

"You're going to propose legislation.

We're going to get to debate it," Joe Biden went on to say, before noting, "Let the public decide. Let them vote in Congress. Let's see what happens." The vice president said that it is difficult to know exactly where Donald Trump stands on the issues, but it will become easier to understand once he gets into the White House and is forced to make big choices.

Biden elaborated further, highlighting Trump's lack of confidence in the intelligence community, referring to it as "absolutely mindless."

Moving forward

Over 100,000 protesters are set to be in attendance in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day to voice their opposition to Donald Trump, his administration, and the agenda he has promoted since announcing his candidacy for president. Despite the backlash, the former host of "The Apprentice" will be sworn in on January 20, and the entire country will make a dramatic shift in the direction Trump decides to take it.