Donald Trump was scheduled to appear at a Harley-Davidson factory, but it appears that will no longer take place. Citing concern over the threat of anti-Trump protests, the commander in chief will be forced to change his schedule.

Trump blocked

Since the start of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with controversy hovering over him. Despite his controversial comments and policies that have cause backlash, the billionaire real estate mogul was able to generate enough support to win the election in a shocking upset over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

While that was cause, Trump still has millions of Americans who have voiced their opposition to his administration, which only increased over the weekend after signing the "Muslim ban" executive order. As reported by The Hill on January 31, Trump's plan to visit a Harley-Davidson factory on Thursday was canceled over fear of massive protests.

Donald Trump was planning a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was going to take a tour of the Harley-Davidson factory, and sign executive orders that related to American manufacturing. CNN first reported the news on Wednesday night, which comes less than 48 hours before the former host of "The Apprentice" was going to arrive at the factory.

Harley-Davidson contacted the White House and explained their reasoning for the cancellation, noting that they were "uncomfortable" over the news that protests were being planned.

Trump trouble

When Donald Trump signed the aforementioned executive order, otherwise known as the alleged "Muslim ban," it quickly sparked a major debate in the country, with Trump supporters backing the decision, and critics lashing out.

Protests took place at various airports in the United States, most notably Kennedy International Airport in New York. Celebrities at last Sunday night's SAG Awards also took time during their speeches to blast the president, while others used social media to express their disdain. Though backlash has only continued to increase, Trump and his administration don't appear willing to change their minds over the issue in question.