While Donald Trump defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, he was unable to capture the popular vote in the process. After Trump blamed his popular vote loss on voter fraud, the main source for his theory has been exposed.

Trump source busted

Over the last two and a half months, Donald Trump has complained that his popular vote defeat was the result of wide-spread voter fraud. Despite various news outlets and fact-checkers disputing Trump's claims, the billionaire real estate mogul has continued to stand by his story. Trump's main source is Gregg Phillips, founder of the right-wing group known as "VoteStand," who claims to have proof that at least three millions votes were cast illegally in during the 2016 presidential election, though he has never released any data to back up his allegations.

As reported by the Associated Press on January 30, it appears that Phillips has not been telling the whole story.

Gregg Phillips was registered to vote in three states during the 2016 election, exposing a major conflict of interest in regards to his goal exposing voter fraud. According to the report in the AP, Phillips registered in Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi, while using a different form of his name in at least one of the states. The report states, "Phillips was registered in Alabama and Texas under the name Gregg Allen Phillips, with the identical Social Security number." However, according to voting registration records in Mississippi, he is listed under the name "Gregg A.

Phillips, and that record includes the final four digits of Phillips' Social Security number."

Further review

Upon further review, the AP found that Gregg Phillips' status was "inactive" in Mississippi, while it was "suspended" in Texas.

Despite this, the report confirms that "Phillips could have voted, however, by producing identification and updating his address at the polls." The AP spoke to Phillips after the news broke, and he responded, "Why would I know or care." Continuing, Phillips defended himself by pointing out how "broken the system is." As of press time, Donald Trump has not commented on his number one source for alleged voter fraud being registered in multiple states.