When Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president, he made it clear that he was not pleased with the mainstream media, and that he would be using social media outlets like Twitter to get his message out. After CNN reported that Russia had planned to blackmail the president-elect, Trump and his legal team quickly denied any wrongdoing.

Trump team

Donald Trump and his use of Twitter has created non-stop controversy around his campaign, and now his transition team. The billionaire real estate mogul has been known to voice his opinion on social media, not holding back regardless of the subject.

Whether it's bashing "Saturday Night Live" and the cast of "Hamilton," to picking fights with his political opponents, or targeting an entire foreign country, the former host of "The Apprentice" has made a habit out of his social media tirades. As seen on Twitter on January 14, Trump's social media habits appear to be rubbing off on his legal team, as reported by Mediaite.

On Twitter Saturday night, a question was directed to CNN host Chris Cuomo, asking what part of the recent Russian blackmailing story was correct. "Everything," Cuomo answered, before adding, "Literally every single thing CNN reported about the dossier was true and confirmed and picked up by other media." In response, Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen pushed back at Cuomo's statement.

"Everything???," Michael Cohen wrote on Twitter, while commenting, "Your own @CNN colleague @jaketapper disagrees with you!" Despite Cohen's allegation about CNN host Jake Tapper, it doesn't appear to be true.

"I don't disagree with Chris at all," Tapper fired back with a clarification.

Moving forward

Despite denial from Donald Trump, his lawyer, and his transition team, CNN has continued to stand behind their report that the president-elect was informed that Russia potentially had "compromising" information about him.

Over the last week, the feud between the billionaire real estate mogul and CNN has only escalated, which reached a fever pitch during a recent press conference where Trump refused to allow CNN's Jim Acosta to ask a question, and referred to him as "fake news."