After just a week in the White House, Donald Trump has made drastic changes to how the United States does business. Following the signing of his executive order that bans Muslim refugees into the country, backlash sparked instantly.

Clueless Trump?

Donald Trump talked a big game while he was running for president, with one of his main talking points vowing to come down hard on Islamic terrorism, and prevent its spread into the United States. After Trump pulled off the upset and defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to become the new president, the world waited for what the billionaire real estate mogul would do once he took the oath of office.

In the 24 hours since he signed the aforementioned executive order to ban Muslim refugees, multiple protests have taken place at airports around the country, with social media going viral in its opposition. As reported by The Hill on January 28, Trump has issued his first comments since the executive order was put in place.

After signing three new executive orders into law on Saturday, President Donald Trump spoke to reporters in the Oval Office, and denied that allegations against him. "It’s not a Muslim ban," Trump insisted. "It’s working out very nicely," he continued, while stating, "You see it at the airports, you see it all over." Elaborating further, Trump said that his administration is "totally prepared" in handling the ramifications of the executive order's aftermath.

Growing backlash

Despite Donald Trump saying that everything is "working out very nicely," while pointing out what is happening at the airports, protests have increased throughout the day.

After refugees were detained at Kennedy International Airport in New York, massive protests broke out in New York. Filmmaker Michael Moore took to his Twitter account to spread the word, while arriving at the airport shortly after the demonstration kicked off, live streaming it all on Facebook. As of press time, there has been no change in plans following Trump's executive order, and it's unlikely the protests will impact the new president moving forward.