The election of Donald Trump has only highlighted the deep political divide between liberals and conservatives. As part of his slogan to "Make America Great Again," Trump appeared to take a cheap shot at the current state of America on Twitter.

Trump on Twitter

It's become routine for Donald Trump to lash out on social media, using his Twitter account as a megaphone for his thoughts and opinions, regardless of how controversial they might be. Whether it's attacking his political opponents, members of his own Republican Party, celebrities, or entire foreign countries, Trump never holds back his views on a particular subject.

With just five days remaining until he is sworn in as the next commander in chief, the former host of "The Apprentice" decided to take to his Twitter account on January 15 to give his opinion on present-day United States of America.

"For many years our country has been divided, angry and untrusting. Many say it will never change, the hatred is too deep," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday afternoon, while stating in all caps, "IT WILL CHANGE!!!!" Trump has made his Twitter habit a daily part of his routine, and despite the non-stop backlash against him, the president-elect is using it in his favor.

Latest targets

Since his election win against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, Donald Trump has gone after several targets on Twitter. The billionaire real estate railed against the musical "Hamilton," took aim at actress Meryl Streep for her critical speech at the Golden Globes, and most recently went after civil rights icon Rep.

John Lewis.

Trump and the press

In addition, the president-elect has bypassed traditional media outlets and used the social media platform to connect to his supporters, and make major announcements. When Donald Trump held a press conference last week, his first since he won the election, he got into a heated exchange with Jim Acosta, refusing to allow him the CNN reporter to ask a question, while labeling him and the network "fake news" in the front of the rest of the press.

On Sunday, reports circulated that the Trump transition team were contemplating whether or not they would ban the press corps from the White House, and relocate them to a separate location. It's currently unknown if that will take place, but only time will tell with Trump heading into office later this week.