Charles manson, one of America's most notorious cult leaders has been rushed to a California hospital by prison officials. Manson's children are at the hospital with him. Manson, who is now 82-years-old, was sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating the brutal California murders of seven people in the 1960's.

The first killing rampage

Charles Manson was the mastermind behind the murders, even though he did not kill anyone himself, he had his group of followers, known as the "Family" do it. On the night of August 8, 1969, Manson (along with a few members of the "Family"), broke into film director Roman Polanski's home.

Polanski was out of the country at the time, but his wife Sharon Tate (26), was nine months pregnant, and was at home with a few of their friends that evening: Abigail Folger (25), heir to Folgers Coffee, writer Wojciech Frykowski (33), hairstylist Jay Sebring (35), and high-school student Steven Parent (18), were all found the following morning by Polanski's housekeeper.

Manson, along with, Charles “Tex” Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Linda Kasabian, and Susan Atkins got onto Polanski's property. Charles “Tex” Watson killed the first person of the night, Steven Parent, right outside the home, and the group entered the home, taking hostages. The victims pleaded for their lives as they were mercilessly stabbed and shot to death.

Sharon Tate was brutally stabbed to death and her blood was used on the walls of the home to write: "Pig."

Day two: more killings

The following night, August 10, 1969, Manson and his "Family" killed again. Manson, with six "Family" members (four from the night before, along with Leslie Louise Van Houten and Steven Dennis Grogan).

The group entered the home of Leno and Rosemary Labianca. The couple were asleep in separate rooms. Leno was bound and brought to Rosemary's room. Manson then ordered the couple to be separated and they began to torture Leno. Houten and Krenwinkel stayed upstairs with Rosemary.

Downstairs, Leno was being stabbed to death. They used knives, a carving fork, and a bayonet.

Manson then had them write on the walls in the house in Leno's blood: "helter skelter," and "death to pigs."

Arrest and sentencing

Charles Manson was indicted on December 6, 1969. Manson received the death penalty but his sentence was commuted to a life sentence. During Manson's time in prison, he applied for parole more than ten times and was denied. Charles Manson has been in prison for 48 years. According to the LA Times, Manson has been no angel in prison. He has gotten himself into trouble many times behind bars. Manson also got engaged to Afton Burton. The couple never tied the knot, but have remained close friends.


It is unclear at this time how Charles Manson's health is, or what his condition is, exactly. Manson is being guarded while he is in the hospital.