It hasn't been too long since his inauguration, but Donald Trump has wasted no time implementing new policies, the drastic effects of which have been felt by the entire country. Refugee admissions into the United States have been slashed as one of Trump’s policies prevents visa holders and immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries, including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen from entering the U.S. This ban applies not just to refugees or those who have recently immigrated, but also to permanent United States residents from each country who hold green cards.

If these green card holders leave the U.S, they may not be able to return to their homes. Although exceptions will be made, Trump made clear that he believes priority should be given to “religious minorities.” His policies have also resulted in the country’s refugee quota being cut directly in half.

Rage over Trump's immigration policies continues to spread

Trump’s changes in immigration policy have sparked a nationwide frenzy, sending crowds of protestors to airports around the country to stand with those who are being detained. While police officers and airport workers have been doing their part to enforce the laws and new policies and to combat the mounting chaos, many lawyers have had their hands full as well.

The people of one city, though, are truly taking matters into their own hands.

Boston is remaining strong

It would appear as though the streets Boston may as yet see even more heroic actions in the name of patriotism. A group of immigration lawyers has advised all those returning to the United States from the affected seven countries to fly into Boston.

Their city is different from most others because of an order issued by a Massachusetts judge that prevents law enforcement officers from carrying out the executive order issued by Trump. Such a policy offers all detained travelers more protection than they would likely find in most other cities. One of the minds behind the movement is Becca Heller who serves as Director of the International Refugee Assistance Project.

The organization co-founder and her team are trying to orchestrate a sizable campaign dedicated to reaching out to refugees and green card holders and alert them of the protection that flying into Boston will afford them.

Will other cities follow Boston's lead?

As other cities, such as New York, attempt to resolve the chaos that has ensued from Trump’s new policies, the tension at airports around the country continues to grow. We can’t say for sure what will happen in Boston, although it certainly seems likely that the city is about to see a considerable surge in immigrant and green card holding travelers. Organizations such as the International Refugee Assistance Project seem to have their hands full as more and more travelers board planes and prepare to face the impending danger waiting for them at their destination. Boston is certainly doing its part to help and it is not the first time it played host to a political rebellion of sorts. We’ll see if other cities follow its example.