On Monday night, while thousands of protesters continue to rally against the controversial travel ban of 7 Muslim countries, Bernie Sanders and fellow Democrats staged their own protests outside the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. Among the many Democrats protesting were Sen. Corey Booker, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Minority leader of the House of Reps. Nanci Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Watch video below of Bernie and other Democrats at the anti-travel protest

Democrats were very outspoken strongly urging the president to rescind the travel ban he imposed on 7 Muslim countries.

Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland told the large crowd that gathered, "It's against the principles of our nation. It makes us less safe. It's reckless, it's dangerous, and I'm ashamed of this executive order." He then went on to demand that the travel ban be repealed. Sen. Corey Booker a democrat from New Jersey uttered, "When you attack Muslim Americans, you attack all of us!" Democrats are going to introduce legislation that will aim to rescind the travel ban. Sen. Bernie Sanders shouted, "Rescind that ban!" He added,"Your ban denying the right for people to visit our country contradicts everything this country stands for." He proclaimed to the roaring cheers that Americans overall don't hate Muslims and that he wanted them to know that.

Sanders calls travel ban Unconstitutional and un-American

In a twitter post below Bernie Sanders condemned the travel ban as un-American and Unconstitutional. He went on to say that his controversial foreign policy would make America less safe. Sen. Sanders addressed the need to vet foreign people coming into our country from Muslim countries that have radical extremists.

He asserted that it sends a horrible message to Muslims all over the world and goes contrary to our core American values.

President Trump defends his travel ban on twitter

President Donald Trump on Monday wrote on twitter, that only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning.

He then lamely blamed the big problems that were caused on a computer outage at Delta airlines. Afterwards he mocked the protesters and Sen. Schumer's tears as the reason for all the chaos.

Mass confusion due to travel ban

There has been mass confusion around the country's airports since the travel ban began. In one of the most outrageous cases so far has been the detention of a 5 year old boy from Iran.

His mother waited hours for his release. Panicked families rushed to find their detained relatives while protesters are still outside opposing the travel ban by making their voices heard. The President's supporters like Kelly Anne Conway foolishly lamented, "Inconvenience to Muslims is a small price to pay in order to protect Americans." Of course if the shoe was on the other foot, I bet she would feel very different. President Trump explained that he feels the travel ban is needed because there hasn't been any extreme vetting from the people coming in from the 7 countries which he has temporarily banned from visiting America. He expressed colorfully that Europe and the rest of the world is in a terrible mess and implied that he has to be the one to clean things up.

The problem is he still hasn't defined what extreme vetting he intends to do to make sure the ones coming from the 7 countries are safe enough to come to the U.S. His vague executive order has instead created a legal limbo for many and until President Trump is stopped somehow, the chaos is likely to continue and get worse.