In the new;, according to The Last Line Of Defense website, Obama's oldest daughter faces fraud charges. According to the website, Obama is guilty of a lot of fraud. However, his daughter will be charged with falsifying a Harvard application. She apparently after her 18th birthday, lies about her net worth, reports say.

Malia failed to disclose the $9 million she has in the bank. That's not an issue with Harvard because she is going on a scholarship. Any children of a president get that luxury. Yet, the move did not settle well with the people of Massachusetts, the article says.

The issue is, she failed to disclose the information on the "food stamp" application she filled out on the same day.

How Obama ruined the next generation

According to the article, Obama has brainwashed today's youth into depending upon the government. So Malia thought she could apply as she is not working. This comes as a shock to the masses of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. According to the Discover, the Networks website,(DTN) Malia is not the only youth that has become ruined by Obama's policies.

In an article published in 2013, the national debt has doubled under Obama. That means that the next generation will have to suffer the consequences. Not only that, But according to reports, health insurance premiums have also doubled.

Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is not as affordable as first promised.

Youth unemployment skyrockets out of control

Sources claim that the unemployment is worse than is was after the great depression. The article in the DTN goes on to say that the economy is stagnant. When the youth of America step out into adulthood, there is nothing but unemployment waiting.

This not only concerns the present generation in charge but it infuriates them.

According to pew research, the last 3 years have been the highest ever recorded. Could this explain the sudden decline in youth interests in working as well? With no job to report to, that may explain the increase in youth protests in the last few years. What are your thoughts? Comment in the comment section and let us know.