Based on the deluge of anti-Trump rhetoric from Hollywood celebrities and left-wing pundits, one might be tempted to believe that an overwhelming majority of American citizens oppose President Trump's order to temporarily halt the influx of refugees from Middle Eastern and African nations. If you happen to believe this is the case, Rasmussen Reports has news for you -- you're wrong.

A new telephone and online survey conducted by Rasmussen reveals that 57% of American voters favor Trump's temporary ban, which extends to refugees hailing from the seven nations identified by the administration as terrorist hotspots -- Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The Rasmussen survey was conducted between January 25-26, 2017, and includes responses from 1,000 participants.

Only one out of three Americans are opposed to ban

The survey revealed that only 33% of respondents voiced opposition to Trump's refugee ban, with 10% saying that they were undecided or had no strong opinion. In addition, 56% favor a temporary visa restrictions on visitors from these countries, while 32% oppose visa restrictions.

In spite of what seems like a non-stop wave of protests these numbers have changed very little from August, when 59% of respondents supported Trump's proposal to temporarily deny entry to the United States from parts of the world "that have a history of exporting terrorism."

One in three Democrats support the ban

The new survey finds that Trump's executive action is backed by 82% of Republicans and 34% of Democrats.

Among respondents who did not claim a major party affiliation, 59% said they support the refugee ban. Other interesting details from the Rasmussen survey indicate that millenial voters and black voters are less supportive of the ban than older voters and white voters, and the ban has virtually equal support among male and female voters.The Rasmussen survey was conducted with support from Pulse Opinion Research, LLC and has a sampling error of three points, with a 95% level of confidence.