This afternoon an enraged gunman opened fire on unsuspecting travelers at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Five people have been confirmed dead, while 8 others have been injured and rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. The attack occurred in the Terminal 2 Baggage Claim area. Witnesses say that the gunman appeared to be firing at random, spraying a barrage of bullets into the crowd. This attack comes after several other attacks at airports around the world. No motive has been discovered as of yet. Investigators are not sure if this was an act of terrorism or not.

The incident

At 12:55pm, calls began coming in about an active shooter at Ft. Lauderdale Airport in Florida. He appeared to be using a 9mm handgun. Witnesses say he began Shooting at everyone in the Baggage Claim area and did not stop until he ran out of bullets. John Schlicher, a witness of the brutal attack, described the shooter to Fox News as slender, with dark hair, in his 30's, and wearing a blue Star Wars T-shirt. There was no discussion, and no speaking of any sort. There was only violence. All services at the international airport have been suspended. Staff members were able to evacuate the terminal onto the tarmac. Investigators from The Department of Homeland Security believe the shooter was acting alone.

The shooter suspect has been identified as Esteban Santiago. He is said to have been carrying military identification, but no further details have been released.

Recent incidents

Today's incident comes just 3 short weeks after an attack on Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City on December 14, 2016. The attack was carried out by Lloyd Dean Buie.

The 45-year old targeted and killed 52-year old Michael Winchester and then killed himself. On January 4, 2017, a gunman opened fire at a nightclub in Istanbul, killing 39 people. The attacker fled the scene in a taxi and is still at large. Turkish officials fear that a related attack may soon take place at one of their international airports.

Security has been increased and 39 suspects -- including 11 women -- are now in custody due to suspected links to this terrorist attack. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack, as well as many others in the region.

Today's attack in Ft. Lauderdale is still under investigation. Officials have yet to release the motive of the shooter, who is now in custody.