The Betsy Riot is a gun control lobbying group that has surfaced on social media. According to their website, they tell their members to "respect the anonymity of others." However, also on their webpage they call on their supporters, "to prank, to lambaste" and to cause "individual acts of gun culture sabotage or public disruption." They have started several Twitter hashtags that specifically target gun rights groups and their message. However, during the 2016 Christmas holiday season, they took it to a new level.

Texas Rep. Stickland reacts to strange gift

Texas Representative Jonathan Stickland of District 92, representing Tarrant County, is no stranger to controversy. On the issue of gun rights, the National Rifle Association has given him a scorecard of ninety-two percent. The Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control lobbying group Everytown has frequently targeted Stickland for criticism.

On Monday, Rep. Stickland received a Christmas card with images of graphically injured people. A message was included that chastised Stickland for his support for the Second Amendment and the NRA. The letter is signed by the Betsy Riot organization. Stickland posted the graphic images on Facebook and wrote, "We just received this unmarked 'Christmas Card' to our home address.

Thank God my young children did not open it first. What kind of sick liberal would send such a thing? Disgusting."

Dana Loesch also received disturbing Christmas cards

Another Everytown target, Conservative commentator Dana Loesch, host of "Dana" on The Blaze and author of "Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America," also received a Christmas card with an identical message and graphic images.

She responded on Twitter and on Facebook where she shared the pictures and said, "Why do I carry? Because gun control nuts are now harassing me and my family at my home address. My youngest son opened this." Mrs. Loesch went on to point out this is a federal crime and she would pursue legal action against the senders of the Christmas cards.