Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", RJ was hanging out with his father at Forrester. Ridge reminded his son that he and his mother are Forresters and always will be. Meanwhile at Spencer Publications, Bill was excited about getting married to Brooke. "I want you to go and tell Forrester that as of tomorrow, you'll be a Spencer," he told her. He encouraged her to "cut the cord" from Ridge, as he planned to whisk her away to St. Barts to get married.

However, Ridge and RJ seemed to have other plans for Brooke. Ridge called Brooke to meet with him, and Bill was happy to let her go to give him the news about their upcoming nuptials.

But when Brooke arrived on site to meet with Ridge and advised him that she can't stay, Ridge again went on to tell her not to marry Bill Spencer.

Rick and Maya reflect

Maya told Rick that she'll never be able to forgive herself for what they caused between her sister and Zende. Rick tried to console her by presenting the idea that asking for Nicole for another baby was not the reason that she got hurt; and that it was Zende and Sasha's fault. But Maya took time to reflect; "Ever since I was little, when I was doing whatever I had to do to become Maya Avant, people called me selfish. Back then, I had no choice: I had to forge ahead. And so, I stopped listening to them. But maybe it's time for me to ask, if some of the people, some of the time, were right." The couple then agreed that it would be best to stay out of Nicole and Zende's current situation.

Zende pleads his case again

After receiving a message from Zende, Nicole went to meet him. Firstly, he made it clear to her that he wants to move forward, and that he needs her to to move forward with him. He humbly repeated to her that he loves her, and that he knows that he hurt her. He promised that he would be loyal from now on, if given the chance.

Again, he showed the ring to her, asking her to marry him.

Nicole asked him to put the ring away. When she raised the issue about Sasha, he insisted that he thought that he had lost her. She admitted to him that she should have come to him before going to Maya with her decision about the surrogacy. She then revealed that she would never do to him what he had done to her, and that although she thinks that he is a beautiful person, she doesn't believe that he cares about her enough.

Desperate, Zende beckoned her to take the ring. "I know that I don't deserve you, but I will gladly give up everything that I have for the chance to spend my life making you happy." He was hoping that she would have an ounce of faith in him. Nicole tearfully confirmed that she does believe in him, but protested that "you don't marry someone to prove yourself -- that comes before." She let him know that he has proven to her that he will hurt her so bad, that she can't eat, sleep, nor get through the day without crying, and that he'll be sorry, and then do the same thing again.

Nicole then made a declaration: that she will not have the same marriage that he mother had, to a man that she can't trust, and a man who loves her when things are easy, and turns to someone else when they are not.

With her head held high, she thanked him for giving her confidence that she never had before. As Zende pleaded for her to stop, she stated that she will never be his wife, before walking away.

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