This rare footage of a white-tail deer attacking a hunter is a favorite among those who oppose hunting and every so often it goes viral online. The video of thedeer attacking the hunter has surfaced over the weekend and people are giving Bambi kudos once again for fighting back. What is the most amazing thing to see in this video is the moves this animal has as he relentlessly attacks this hunter without giving up.

Hunter becomes the hunted

This video will never fade into the Google search catacombs as people seem to revive it on a yearly basis.

Maybe it coincides with hunting season? This deer actually levels the playing field as he continues to batter the hunter who had his sights on the deer. The hunter was out to bag it, not get pummeled by the animal. For those of you who have seen it before, it is still jaw dropping to see again, and for those of you who haven't, you are about to be amazed. Not to mention finding yourself cheering on Bambi!

Bambi relentlessly pummels hunter

This isn't a hit and run by the deer, no matter what the camouflaged hunter does, the deer keeps coming back for more, it is one peeved off deer! The hunter is struggling to get up and then get out of the way of the deer as it relentlessly kicks and head butts this hunter.

No defense against enraged deer

Even with his weapon in his hand, this hunter has no defense against this enraged deer after it was stalked by this hunter who was out for the kill. According to the Express U.K. the incident occurred in Washington State. The clip was posted 9-years-ago by Deer Hunting Nation and it has been viewed almost 3 million times.

One tall animal

You can see in the video when the deer stands on its hind legs how much taller the animal is than the hunter. You can see the deer kick the guy right off his feet and when the guy gets up again, down he goes with another kick from Bambi.

This clip has made a champion out of the deer and social media posts from animal lovers are thrilled to see the deer fighting a man who was about to end its life.

From the different reports throughout the years this man was stalking the deer, getting ready to take him down when Bambi turned the tables. The hunter is unnamed but that deer will have you looking at every deer you see from now on a little bit differently, as they have a mean streak when need be!

Another hunter attacked

There is another story online about a hunter who shot a deer in the neck back in 2014, according to USA Today. The deer took off into the woods and the hunter followed him waiting for him to fall. After about 15 minutes into the chase, the hunter came face to face with the wounded animal that was now enraged and the hunter, whose name is Bobby Neames, was now thehunted.

The deer gored him and with an antler lodged in his leg the deer picked him up and tossed him.

The guy grabbed onto the antlers just as the deer was trying to gore his chest. The deer kept knocking him down. The strap of Neame's rifle became tangled in the buck's antlers and as this deer continued attacking him Neames was fearful it would go off and possibly shoot him.

When he finally got away the deer ran off into the woods, along with Neames' riffle in tow. The seriously injured hunter managed to walk home, but was airlifted to a Baton Rouge hospital and he was sent for surgery immediately. The deer was never seen again.