The second Presidential Debate is over. However, that does not keep people from trying to explain every single thing that happened, including a fly landing on Hillary Clinton's eyebrow while she was answering a question. This debate was unlike the first one. It was held in a town hall style where questions were asked by a group of forty people selected by the Gallup organization. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri was the host of the debate where Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC were the moderators. A day after the debate, critics say Clinton won the debate even though Trump tried to bring her down.

Fly on Clinton's eyebrow

Those who watched every minute of the second Presidential Debate couldn't help but see a big fly land momentarily on Hillary Clinton while she was speaking. Viewers saw it even though it did not seem to faze the candidate at all. Some people, especially Native Americans, believe animals and insects have sacred messages to deliver to people especially when they show up in unusual places. In Clinton's case, the fly showed up on her left eyebrow. So, what did the fly on the candidate's eyebrow mean?

Those who study such stuff conclude that the fly on Hillary's eyebrow was an indication that she was trying to hide her emotions during the debate. It was a sign that she was operating out of an uncomfortable situation.

Whether the fly was a superstition or not, one thing is definitely true. Donald Trump intentionally tried to distract his opponent by bringing in four women from the Clintons' past. He wanted them to sit in the VIP section with his family, but the Debate Commission denied Trump's request. They were in the audience, but they were sitting far away from the candidates.

Do you believe the fly suddenly landing and disappearing from Clinton was significant? In case you missed it during the debate, watch the video below.

Melania's blouse

It was reported that the wife of the Republican nominee wore a blouse with a bow tie that sent a subtle message in support of her husband. Vulgar comments were heard in theAccess Hollywoodvideotape that was aired over and over since last Friday.

The name of the $1,100 Gucci silk top that Melania Trump wore is called a " p- - -y bow" blouse. People are wondering if it was just a coincidence that the name of the blouse is the same name that her husband had said he would grab a woman. With so many inquiries on social media, a campaign spokeswoman saidMelania's fashion choicewas not intentional while others said it was sending a message of support for her husband. Do you believe Mrs. Trump's blouse sent a messageor was it just a coincidence?