The Donald Trump campaign was rocked again Friday afternoon when a leaked audio clip revealed his private thoughts about women. When the news broke, the backlash came quick, including from many Republicans and even his own running mate.

End of the line

The audio clip was from a private conversation between Trump and Access Hollywood's Billy Bush as they were on their way to appear on a soap opera. Trump's comments were picked up by a hot mic, where the former host of "The Apprentice" described his attempt at sleeping with a married woman, later identified as Nancy O’Dell, a former host on Access Hollywood.

Trump went into graphic detail about what he enjoys doing to women, and what he could get away with because he was a celebrity. As reported by The Hill on October 7, Mike Pence and his wife were not happy with what the audio tape revealed.

According to a source at the Associated Press, Pence was "beside himself" at Trump, while Karen Pence, his wife, described as being "furious." Pence is known as a member of the religious right, a hard-line Evangelical Christian who often speaks about God, his religion, and family values. When the news first broke earlier in the day, Pence forced reporters out of his event, doing his best to avoid the media in an attempt to gather his thoughts and move forward.

Due to the controversial nature behind the tapes, Trump will no longer be traveling to Wisconsin for a joint event with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Saturday.

In his place with be Pence, though it's unknown if he will address the latest bombshell that rocked the campaign.

Moving forward

The next step for Trump will be how he handles himself when he appears along side Hillary Clinton at the next debate this Sunday night. The latest polls showed the billionaire real estate mogul down only four points to Clinton, though those results were not reflective of the previous week which has been a strain on the campaign.

The thought process behind most pollsters and political pundits is that it is almost impossible for Trump to bounce back unless he is able to mount a historic comeback, with voters heading to the polls in just over 30 days.