The hits just keep coming for Donald Trump with just two weeks until voters head to the polls. In a month riddled with scandal, a new story pulls back the curtain on what allegedly went down for years inside one his own hotels.

Trump's late night

As the calendar turned to the final full month of the election cycle, Democrats and Republicans were dreading if, and when, an October surprise would come and change the direction of the presidential campaign. After a leaked audio tape revealed the private sexual thoughts of the Republican nominee, multiple women would soon come forward and claim they were sexually assaulted by Trump at different times over the last 30 years.

While Trump has denied any wrongdoing, a new bombshell has been released. According to The Daily Beast and The New York Daily News on October 25, Trump is now being accused of throwing parties that were filled with drugs, sex, and underage girls.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, two sources detailed the activities that would occur at the Plaza Hotel in New York City between 1988 and 1995. One of the alleged party-goers is a anonymous NYC photographer who told the publication that Trump would take over parts of the hotel, and hold parties that would last for days.

The men claim that Trump would invite models as young as 15-years-old to the parties, who he would then have speak to his older business friends. "There were always dramas because the men threw money and drugs at them to keep them enticed," the source claims. 'He'd wander off with a couple girls. I saw him," the source continue, before saying Trump "was getting laid like crazy." The scene was described as wild, with attendees engaging in "coke and top-shelf liquor," which shouldn't come as a surprise since Trump was a frequent guest at the famous Studio 54 nightclub in NYC.

The other man to speak out to The Daily Beast did give his name, Andy Lucchesi, a model who would allegedly help with the organization of the parties.

Lucchesi did make note that he never saw Trump do any of the drugs at the parties, but confirmed that he did have sex with many of the women, though there is no evidence that he slept with any of the underage teens who attended. As of press time, the Trump campaign has yet to respond to the allegations.

Moving forward

Despite the various scandals that have been released in recent weeks, Trump continues to accuse the media of manufacturing stories, while working with the Hillary Clinton campaign to hurt his chances at making it to the White House. In the latest Real Clear Politics rolling average, Trump is trailing Clinton by close to seven points nationally, while falling behind in battleground states that are critical to success in November.