You would think that technology and improved opportunities would lower the depression rates in many countries around the world, but India, China and the U.S are facing a major crisis in terms of keeping their citizens happy. The latest numbers by the World Health Organization suggest that these three countries sit firmly on top of the list of most depressed people in the world.

The pressures of the "American Dream"

There are many over-lapping factors that are causing high levels of depression within these three countries, but America does have its own set of unique problems as well.

According to Dr Lisa Palmer, a psychotherapist working at the Renew Center in California, Americans are feeling the stress of working long hours at the office, and are often over-medicated and lonely once depression creeps in. She also says that people in the states are feeling the added pressure of realizing the "American dream."

According to Lisa Palmer “People have a hard time with that (achieving the American dream) – work/life balance, peace, skilful thinking, skilful living, a sense of loneliness and isolation is very much prevalent.”

Isolated and over-medicated

The Study revealed that a staggering 15 million Americans are currently suffering from depression, and nearly 60 percent of these people are relying on anti-depressant medication to help them fight their condition.

The increase in medicinal marijuana clinics has also acted as an alternative option to help fight the loneliness and negative state of mind.

A systemic problem

When analyzing the symptoms behind these staggering numbers, Palmer said that there needs to be a change in the system and culture in America in order to help citizens being plagued by depression.

She said that people need to be educated about the options available in order to gain emotional relief and they should be taught to better prioritize their mental health over their success at work.

She said that there are no easy solutions to this problem, and the high level of medication being used to combat depression is only a means to cope, and not recover. According to the psychologist, only the inculcation of a positive belief system in American culture will help solve this problem in the long run.