It may be getting close to Halloween, but the people at Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville, S.C. seem to already have a “Trick or Treat” character roaming in the woods by their homes. Many residents report seeing a clown, or clowns, hanging out in the wooded area and even coming out to wave at them at all hours of the day or night. Children have reported that the clown has a lighted nose, and some see flashing lights in the woods.

Stephen King type scary clown in the woods

Clowns are supposed to be funny and entertaining, but some can be Stephen King type scary clowns, as in It.

When one or more of them seem to be occupying the words by your home and you don’t know what’s going on, that can be especially scary and cause for concern. The first clown was seen on August 21, and the most recent glimpse was just hours ago. Police continue to search for the elusive clown, or clowns, but never see anything suspicious when they arrive after a resident calls in a sighting.

This situation may sound like something Stephen King might come up with, but for the residents of this town, it is a very real and scary situation. What do the clowns or clown want? Why are clowns beckoning the children to follow them into the woods? It all sounds very ominous and would cause any parent to be alarmed.

Does the clown have a buddy?

Recent statements to police say that the clown may have a friend. Children state that a man on a bicycle was seen taking pictures of children and then the clown magically appears. Perhaps to distract the children, while photos are being snapped? Parents are on alert as this bizarre case of a clown gone mad continues to plague this South Carolina town.

Whoever this Bozo is, he must be up to no good and parents should take this seriously.

Children always tell scary tales and many have stated that there is an old abandoned house in the woods nearby and that clowns live there. Most parents would chalk this up to a child’s imagination, but it appears that, at least in this case, the children may not be storytelling from a vivid imagination.

With so many sightings by different people, this is no imaginary clown.

Adults have also witnessed the clown at different times of the day and night. Some residents say they have even chased the clown, who was driving a dark colored car. The police are also taking the situation seriously by patrolling local areas where the clowns have been spotted. So far, the clowns have been able to remain hidden, expect when they decide to come out. Police continue to investigate in hopes to solve the mystery of the Clowns in the woods.