The disappearance of Missouri baby Lisa Irwin has gone for nearly five years without a conclusion, and there haven't been any updates in her case in quite a long time. Now, a new book has been published, which highlights the details surrounding the Missouri infant's high-profile disappearance, while comparing her mother to the mother of another notoriously missing child.

Comparisons between two mothers

In the new book 'The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann,' an entire chapter focuses on similarities between Deborah Bradley (Irwin) and the mother of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann.

Like the Madeleine case, the disappearance of Lisa Irwin attracted a whirlwind of attention from both the public and the mainstream media on an international level. Lisa's mother, like Kate McCann, has stuck to a story of abduction. Meanwhile, both cases have produced evidence which indicates the contrary.

With all the similarities between the two mothers, the book does point out one difference. The mother of missing baby Lisa did take a polygraph test -- that she ultimately failed. Madeleine McCann's mother, however, has refused to take a polygraph over the course of nine years that Maddie has been missing.

Will these cases remain unsolved?

Both the disappearances of Madeleine McCann and Lisa Irwin have remained unsolved for many years -- but is there any end in sight?

British authorities have confirmed that they are bringing an end to their investigation, which is bad news for those who want to bring Madeleine McCann home. Meanwhile, in the case of baby Lisa, Kansas City authorities have long alleged that the infant's parents are not being cooperative with their ongoing investigation.Both of these cases have gone cold, but the public remains largely suspicious of both of the mothers of these missing children -- both on opposite sides of the world.

What kind of similarities can you point out between the two mothers of these notoriously missing children? The public majority has long suspected both of these mothers to be somehow behind the disappearances of their daughters. With all the similarities it's almost impossible not to also harbor a little suspicion.