Scott Brown didn't take long to tag Andrea Tantaros as the true predator of their interaction at Fox News. He is attempting to paint himself as the real victim and not Tantaros! During a radio interview yesterday he said that he even got a call from Bill Shine telling him he is one of the "best employees" that Fox has and he said that if the claims against him were true, he would have been fired.

Who is the victim here?

Bill Shine is the executive that Andrea Tantaros cites in her lawsuit as the executive she complained to about Ailes and he advised her to just let it go.

This is the culture that Andrea Tantaros and Gretchen Carlson spoke to in their lawsuits. Megyn Kelly confirmed Ailes' sexually harassed her as well, but she did this during an investigation conducted by the lawyers for Fox News and not within a lawsuit like Tantaros and Carlson.

Scott Brown said that Tantaros made him very uncomfortable when he joined the panelfor Outnumbered for a showon the day Andrea cites in her lawsuit. He said she asked him about him posing nude back in 1982 when he was 22-years-old. He also said that she teased him about his nude photo. He said he felt like a victim and he was "very uncomfortable with her line of badgering with me."

It was Tantaros who was the predator and not him, conveys the former Massachusetts Senator.

He said he was not only "flabbergasted" to be named in the lawsuit, but he was also "pissed." Andrea's claim is that Brownstarted to make inappropriate comments while on the set, but not on the air. Later that day in the cafeteria as she was in the lunch line, he came over and put his hands around her waist, making innuendos of an inappropriate nature.

She backed up and told him to stop, said the documents filed.

Scott Brown has a different take saying that he is the victim. As Think Progress reports, that the "vast majority of harassment victims" don't talk about or say anything about what they are going through. This might explain why she didn't say anything to Scott at the time, but "stop" as she said in the court documents.

The former Senator claims thatAndrea never said anything to him that day about being uncomfortable with anything he said or did. Here is the Outnumbered show in question from a YouTube video below:

Brown an 'easy target' for Tantaros?

Scott was on the Bernie and Sid Radio show,which airs from 77 WABC Radio in New York City. The radio hosts painted Tantaros as a liar, saying that she claimed to be dating Dave Navarro of the band Jane's Addiction and when he was asked, he denied this. That is more than likely because the two keep their relationship very quiet and under wraps. They took the side of Brown who they thought was an "easy target" for Tantarosbecause he is a "good looking" and a "friendly guy."

Fox News culture

As Think Progress reports, one of the main parts of the complaints filed by Tantaros was how anything she reported fell on deaf ears over at Fox News. For her complaints she was demoted.

When she didn't stop complaining she was put on suspension. Carlson is saying the same thing in her lawsuit about the culture of sexual harassment running rampant behind the scenes at Fox. Twenty other women have come forward regarding being sexually harassed while at Fox by Ailes, so why would these radio hosts think Andrea is lying about this when it came to Scott Brown? Because Brown is saying they've got it all wrong and he is the truevictim here?