Andrea Tantaros is a master at deciphering the strange world of politics, which is plaguing the nation today. She's also a master at getting her point across even when sitting among some of the most opinionated people, but more recently Tantaros seems to have mastered yet another skill. That would be the skilled way she's perfected the art of disappearing. Apparently there's a Hollywood director who thinks Tantaros is perfect for the leading role in his new movie, but even someone with as much clout as filmmaker Ken Del Vecchio cannot get a hold of the Fox News host while she is on her odd hiatus.

Tantaros on never-ending hiatus.

Tantaros is a woman with quite the loyal fan base as she is still in the headlines today after being off the air over at Fox News for months. Back in April shewas there one day and vanished the next, with Fox offering up a very generic excuse without so much as a detail involved. Fox News said Tantaros is still under contract with the cable network, but she is taking a break and the excuse for that break was contract issues.

While on the air this Fox News analyst stayed true to herself and what she believed in, nobody could sway Tantaros in a direction she didn't want to go. On Fox she was noted for being adamant aboutsupporting Donald Trumpin his quest for the White House.

She was such a strong Trump supporter that when she first went off the air, many thought her ousting had to do with her undying support of the GOP candidate.

Hollywood calling Andrea Tantaros.

She hasn't been seen in so much as a picture since she vanished from Fox News. Now folks from the big screen industry are looking to get a hold of her and they can't find her.

The highly controversial chairman of Hoboken International Film Festival with 30 movies under his own belt cannot find an agent or a contract that would lead him to Andrea Tantaros. According to Empire State News, Del Vecchio said that the Outnumbered host doesn't even have an agent listed on IMDB or anywhere else as far as his staff can find.

With a list of Academy Award winning stars who have appeared in his films, you would think that he'd drop the hunt and pick up someone who is a box office draw. No, said Del Vecchio, Tantaros is perfect for this role, which comes out of a movie created from his novel, The Great Heist.

Movie role perfect for Tantaros.

Tantaros, who Del Vecchio calls "wickedly intelligent," is the one he wants for the movie rolein his up and coming film. If she agrees Tantaros will play a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper journalist in this "political roller-coaster" of a movie. This director prides himselfonbeing a "master in casting" and he will have Tantaros moving quick in Hollywood as he sees her as becoming one of the A-Listers in a very short period of time if he can find her and get her to agree to play the role.

Nudity out if Tantaros in.

While the movie script calls for a good amount of nudity, he will change that for Tantaros, which is something he wouldn't find himself doing for anyone else. He knows that if there's nudity in the film, there's no question that Tantaros wouldn't agree to this, so it's a role where she stays completely dressed.

Reason behind Tantaros under wraps.

Del Vecchio has had the pleasure of seeing Tantaros in the workplace, as he is also a frequent analyst on Fox News, along with several other networks. One of the reasons this Hollywood honcho might not be able to find Tantaros might be due to her contract at Fox News. “Often, the news networks limit what their biggest names can do outside of their host roles, so they don’t grant access through agents and managers,” Del Vecchio said in his interview with Empire State.

So where in the world is Andrea Tantaros? If someone with Del Vecchio's pull is finding it hard to locate the Outnumbered host, she's really doing a good job at staying out of the public eye. Hopefully she surfaces soon because not only do her fans miss her, but Hollywood is calling!