The twists and turns of the Donald Trump presidential campaign only continue to raise questions. In a week that can't seem to end soon enough for Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul has added another controversial name to his team, as his list of potential running mates continues to be narrowed down.

Trump's team of controversy

Ever since he announced his plan to run for the White House, Trump has been stuck dealing with negative reactions and constant backlash. From referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murders," to mocking the disabled, to adding the likes of former half-term Alaska Gov.

Sarah Palin as a voice on the campaign trail, Trump has remained in the headlines, and often for all the wrong reasons. According to The Hill on June 21, Trump has decided to bring another name on board that has left many scratching their heads.

Former Minnesota House representative and Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann has agreed to join Trump's "Evangelical Executive Advisory Board," according to a statement released by the campaign on Tuesday. Trump has struggled at times to energize the religious right who still question hisfaith, and the new board will "provide advisory support to Mr.

Trump on those issues important to Evangelicals and other people of the faith in America." Bachmann will join a panel of 20 other individuals, including the far-right controversial religious figure, Jerry Falwell Jr.

Possible VP?

Bachmann ran an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2012, and has yet to endorse a candidate during the primary.

While it's unknown whether or not Bachmann would entertain the idea of being Trump's running mate, the current list of potential vice presidents has been narrowed down. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Tennessee Rep. Bob Corker, and Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions are reportedly high on the list, with Palin and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich still under consideration.

While news outlets are waiting on who is picked to join the ticket, Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., confirmed to ABC News that his father will not officially announce his decision until the Republican National Convention next month in Cleveland, Ohio.