The world was once again rocked Sunday morning when a gunman opened fire at "Pulse," a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The result was the worst mass shooting in United States history, as yet another example of Islamic terrorism has infected the West.

Trump blow-back

Twenty-nine year old Omar Mateen, an American born to parents from Afghanistan, walked into Pulse with a hand gun and AR-15. When the smoke cleared, 49 people were killed, with 53 others left injured. Since that time, it's been confirmed that Mateen had been radicalized into Islam, pledging an allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) during a 911 call made during the shooting.

The reaction from around the world has been sympathetic, but the two major candidates running for president haddifferent takes on the situation, as reported by CNN on June 13.

Addressing the media during a press conference on Monday, Donald Trump referred to the Orlando shooting as a "very Dark moment in America's history." While many on the left have continued a push for stricter gun laws, Trump said he "will be always defending the Second Amendment." Continuing, Trump took credit for being "right" about the shooter being a radical Islamic terrorist, saying, "Many are saying I was right" in reference to his proposed ban on Muslim immigration.

The billionaire real estate mogul continued, claiming to be a great "friend" to the LGBT community, while criticizing President Obama's handling of LGBT issues during his time in office.

Responding to Trump's comments was Chad Griffen, the President of the Human Rights Campaign, who went off on the former host of "The Apprentice" during an interview with CNN on Monday.

"LGBT people. We are Muslims. We are women. We are Latinos. We are as diverse as the fabric of this nation," Griffen told host Wolf Blitzer. "Any attack on anyone of us is an attack on all of us," Griffen continued, stating, "It's shameful and disgusting what Donald Trump did today, and what he said today." In conclusion, Griffen said, "I hope he says not another word about."