When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president last summer, most media outlets and political pundits didn't give him a realistic shot at victory. Fast forward 11 month and Trump is the Republican nominee, but still holds a grudge against the mainstream media.

Donald Trump vs MSNBC

The personal feud between Trump and certain media outlets has been well documented, especially his war of words with Fox News host Megyn Kelly. While Trump has made his fair share of enemies, he's been relatively close with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

After the hosts criticized the billionare real estate mogul for his recent campaign actions, Trump took to Twitter to voice his anger, as reported by The Hill on June 3.

On Friday morning's "Morning Joe" episode, Brzezinski gave her thoughts on House Speaker Paul Ryan finally giving in an endorsing Trump. Brezezinski called Ryan a "sell out" for supporting Trump, after being openly against him in the past. On Thursday, Scarborough was also critical of Trump, stating, "He's been, the last two or three weeks, especially shrill and seeming to actually get off his game." "If he thinks the same thing that happens in the Republican primary is going to help him win in the general election," Scarborough said, before concluding, "he is just a rank amateur and he doesn’t know what he's talking about."

In response, Trump lashed out at the "Morning Joe" hosts, making sure to do so after the show went off the air to avoid a rebuttal.

"I don't watch or do @Morning_Joe anymore. Small audience, low ratings!," Trump tweeted, "I hear Mika has gone wild with hate. Joe is Joe. They lost their way!"

Election outlook

After clinching the Republican nomination last month, Trump has now set his sights on the general election and a likely battle against Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton. Recent polls show the two candidates in a tight race, but it's expected to tilt back to Clinton once the Democratic primary has concluded.