Over the course of the last six months, violence has escalated on the campaign trail, particularly during Donald Trump rallies. After an image went viral last week, showing a blonde young woman covered in blood, allegedly from violent liberal protesters, it turns out it was all a hoax.

Trump campaign violence

When Trump campaigned in San Jose, California last week, protesters clashed with supporters, as video tape evidence shows at least one woman being hit with bottles and eggs, and man with blood running down the side of his face. However, another image made the rounds on the internet, which was quickly debunked by a horror movie icon and star of the hit show "Ash vs Evil Dead," as reported by Mediaite on June 8.

"Here's what happened to female Trump supporter when she met 'peaceful' and 'tolerant' liberals," a tweet from Conservative Nation stated Tuesday night. Within hours, actor Bruce Campbell, famous for the cult horror film classic "Evil Dead," responded on his own Twitter account. "Check your facts, folks. This is an actress named Samara Weaving from #AshVsEvilDead," Campbell tweeted, confirming, "This is a make-up test. Sad." Campbell currently stars in "Ash vs Evil Dead," the TV sequel to the horror series created by Sam Raimi.

The altercations in San Jose were real, however, some are proving to exaggerate the issue in an attempt to use it totheir political advantage. Starting in the end of February, the violence has only continued to get worse, peaking in Chicago in March where the Trump campaign was forced to cancel an even due to the threat of violence.

Election outlook

Even with the constant cloud of controversy hovering above his campaign, Trump was able to weather the storm and clinch the Republican nomination last month.

The former host of "The Apprentice" is polling within the margin of error against likely Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, but the former Secretary of State is expected to pull ahead following the conclusion of the primary elections in July.