It seems like as we move forward with better technology more gadgets, toys, and social media websites, the less we stay true to ourselves. There are firm beliefs in women's empowerment. It's as though our generation (women in their 30s) and younger have a distorted view of priorities, morals and values. It appears as though we as women no longer aspire to be queens, but something more derogatory a term that is despising a thot (that hoe over there) Unfortunately pop culture and media has played a big role in our distorted views. Oh, you don't believe it?

The facts behind sexual objection of women

Just go on the Internet, open any magazine, turn on the television, or simply go to any grocery store, and you will see the sexual objectification of women. Sexual objectification is "the viewing of people solely as de-personalized objects of desire instead of as individuals with complex personalities and desires and/or plans of their own."According to The American Psychological Association a report was released that analyzed over 300 studies, which included media from television, movies and song lyrics, which proved as evidence to this sexual objectification. What Researchers found were that these images in the media could make girls think of and treat their own bodies as sexual objects.

This was the proof that media, which are part of society, is directly influencing how girls think of themselves. But a different trend is happening today, it's not only the tv, magazines, movies, and music videos that influences, now it is Facebook and Instagram likes. It's pretty disappointing to see how far women are willing to go to get likes and how much their lives revolve around this.

The history behind Sarah Baartman and the label thot

This word thot appears to be everywhere all the social media sites, there's plenty of distasteful memes and it is frequently said in music, but as much as this word is used in pop culture, does anyone really know the origin? Well, according to, allegedly The origin of the word “THOT” now acronymized as “That Hoe Over There” stemmed from the nickname of Sarah Baartman.

In the early 1800’s Sarah Baartman traveled from South Africa to Europe in plans to seek wealth. The natives weren’t used to seeing a woman with such stature; big buttocks, breast, lips, etc. So she was used as a circus act and displayed to the natives. She gained the name “La Venus Hottentote." After she failed as a circus act she was introduced to prostitution. Due to over exposure, rape, and the stress she died at the young age of 25. To think this is what is brought from the past and what is trending now? If we don't make changes its really scared for the future. So when will our women wake up be the queens they know they are and claim their rightful thrones. Only time will tell.