It was just two months ago that the National Enquirer released a story claiming Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had an affair with at least five women other than his wife Heidi. While the story never gained much traction, with all sides denying any wrongdoing, it was only a matter of time before another sex scandal rocked American politics.

Scandal atFox News

Until 2011, Ed Henry was a White House corespondent for CNN, making a name for himself as a respectful reporter. In the summer of that year, Henry left the network to assume the role of Chief White House Correspondent for the Fox News Channel to cover the Obama administration.

Over the last five years, Henry has been a stellar reporter for the network, recently covering the Hillary Clinton campaign, which is why it came as a surprise to many when "In Touch" magazine broke a story linking him to an affair, as reported by The Associated Press on May 5.

Henry has been married to Shirley Hung, deputy Washington editor for NPR, since 2010, but according to the tabloid magazine, the Fox News reporter had carried out an alleged affair with a Las Vegas hostess named Natalia Lima for at least 10 months.

The magazine published intimate text messages between the two, as well as photos of the two meeting in private.

"Whenever he was in town, we would pretty much just have sex," Lima told "In Touch," stating Henry "has a really high sex drive." Lima goes on to elaborate on their affair, detailing how the two met on social media five years ago, and started a physical and sexual affair during the spring of 2015.

When the news became public, Fox News quickly acted to quiet the bad press, putting Henry on temporary leave in the process. "We recently became aware of Ed's personal issues and he's taking some time off to work things out," Fox News said in a statement.

Not backing down

Typically, "In Touch" focuses on celebrity gossip, so when they released the story on Henry, many wondered what was behind the decision.

The Washington Post contacted the magazine on Thursday to ask for clarification, to which the editorial director David Perel responded.

"Because Ed is on TV he is someone who is well known by our readers," Perel wrote, stating, "Because it is election season that has made him even more high profile." Perel continued, admitting that the reaction from readers has been "overwhelmingly positive" for the magazine, but acknowledged it's been "negative" for Henry. As of press time, no legal action has been taken by Henry or Fox News against "In Touch" for publishing the story.