The games are getting interesting in the race for the White House. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, just posted a video to Facebook hypothesizing that Vice President of the United StatesJoe Biden might enter the presidential race if current Democratic Presidential front runnerHillary Clinton is indicted.

A series ofodd revelations

Politico writer Glenn Thrush penned an article today announcing that if Biden had to choose a Vice Presidential running mate for himself, it would be Elizabeth Warren. Biden spoke with the Massachussetts senator at the Naval Observatory in September 2015 when he was considering a presidential bid.

A source close to the situation says that Warren was "noncommital" at the time.

This news comes just one day after Biden's revealing Good Morning Americainterview where he promoted hisnew cancer initiative, Cancer Moonshot in honor of his son, Beau Biden. Talk veered to the presidential election and Biden conceded that he chose not to run because his son had just died. The former Delaware Attorney General was just 46-years old when he died in May 2015 from brain cancer.

Speculation run wild

Many thought that it was odd that Biden, who had delayed a presidential bid announcement for months, would wait until the end of the Democratic primaries to make two bold statements.That's when Uygur started speculating that Biden would enter the race if a Clinton indictment was pending.

Clinton has been the target of a Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.)investigationsince March 2015 forusing her personal emails to conduct official White House business. This was a major campaign issue for her but talk of an indictment seemed to have died down as she continued to win more primaries.

It is true that Biden said that Warren would have been a great running mate for Clinton as well, but Uygur hypothesized that Biden is testing the waters to enter the presidential race himself.

"This is how Washington works," said Uygur. "They test the waters, they come out subtly. They don't want people panicky. They don't want people thinking there's an indictment."

What about Bernie?

Uygur also noted the implications a possible Biden run would have on the Bernie Sanders campaign. "You gotta understand. The establishment is the opposite of Bernie or Bust, said Uygur.

"They can't stand Bernie Sanders...the real reason ishe'd raise their taxes, he would actually change a system that has made them all rich and powerful and in their guts, they can't even think of it..." A glassy eyed and nervous Uygur promised that he would elaborate more on the storyduringThe Young Turks broadcast at 6 p.m. tonight.Whatever the case, the drama in the presidential election seems to be heating up rather than simmering down.