Information about Ted Cruz and his past was uncovered yesterday when it was revealed that the Texas senator once defended the state's ban on the use of sex toys during masturbation while he was the Solicitor General. The story went viral on social media, and Cruz was forced to respond to the possibility that he could attempt to ban the use of sex toys if he's elected president.

Cruz's sex problems

In an 83-page brief, Cruz defended the law that banned any device "useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs,"citingthe state's moral code.

The senator from the Lone Star State said he approved of the law because it was "protecting public morals" against what he described in the brief as "interests in sexual gratification." Though the law was later overturned, current Texas governor and former Attorney General, Greg Abbott, attempted to appeal the decision but was not successful. Cruz was asked about his anti-sex toy defense during a recent interview with WABC.

Host Curtis Sliwa pressed Cruz on the issue, going as far as asking Cruz that if he was in the White House,would he ban "the sale of sexual toys, dildos, or anything that sexually stimulates you?" Embarrassed, Cruz was forced to respond, stating, “Look, of course not, it’s a ridiculous question." Attempting to elaborate, Cruz said that "What people do in their own private time with themselves is their own business." While Cruz claims that an individual's sex life is their own "private" business, this hasn't stopped him in regards to his opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

Cruz's campaign troubles

Despite a recent surge with primary wins in Wisconsin and Colorado, Cruz is still trailing Donald Trump in the delegate count. The New York primary is set for this Tuesday, and recent polls show Trump with a commanding 40 point lead in the Empire State. In addition to the raw numbers of the delegates, a recent story by the National Enquirer claimed that Cruz had affairs with at least five different women other than his wife. Cruz has since denied any wrongdoing, and no other information has been released.