The Ted Cruz sex scandal rocked the political landscape last week when the National Enquirer accused the Texas senator of having an affair with at least five women. Since that time, Cruz has denied the allegations, with others stepping up to pushback at the report.

Accused mistress speaks out

When the alleged scandal broke last Friday, the Cruz campaign quickly went on defense, denying any wrongdoing in regards to the charges of infidelity. Since that time, one of the accused mistresses, Amanda Carpenter, who is now a CNN contributor, addressed the issue during a broadcast on the network.

"I had a purely professional relationship with Senator Cruz," Carpenter said, who was once an aide to the senator, and quickly say "No" when asked if she ever had an "intimate relationship" with Cruz. Since that time, another woman has been injected into the scandal, but was quick to deny the allegation, as reported by the local ABC News affiliate and Law Newz.

Samantha Rivera, a journalism student at DePaul and host of Univision’s La Hora Picante radio show, was forced to comment on the claims that she was also involved with Cruz.

A yet to be identified individual created a Twitter account, and used Rivera's picture as the image. Rivera's name was not used, instead her picture was linked to the name of Los Angeles Times reporter named Jennifer Carr. Law Newz also points out that the fake Twitter account, which has since been removed, claimed that Carr, using Rivera's picture, had an affair with Cruz in 2012 and 2013.

Recognizing Rivera from the photo, the third year college student was hit with numerous calls and emails on Wednesday, questioning the validity of the claims. "This person was using my profile picture to pose as one of Ted Cruz' mistresses," Rivera said, describing her initial reaction as "dumbfounded." "I was always careful about what I put on social media, Rivera noted, continuing "it scares me a lot more in terms of privacy."

Scandal status

Since the release of the alleged sex scandal, GOP front runner Donald Trump has responded, saying that he hopes it isn't true, but that the National Enquirer has been right in the past. With the Republican National Convention just four months away, the Trump-Cruz feud has reached a new low, with the billionaire real estate mogul ahead in the delegate count.