It was a shockfor many after former half term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin decided to endorse Donald Trump for president. Most political pundits thought Palin would side with the conservative Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, but it appears there is no love lost between the two.

When Palin threw her support to Trump just two weeks ago, many questions were raised as to whether or not her endorsement would help his campaign. Just hours after her announcement, news broke out of Wasilla, Alaska of her son's arrest on charges of domestic violence against a female. Palin has since been widely criticized, with some wondering if she was part of the reason for Trump's second place finish at the Iowa caucus.

The big winner was Cruz, and as expected, the Trump campaign is firing back, as witnessed on Palin's official Facebook page on Feb. 3.

Palin on the attack

"Thank heavens Donald Trump opened so many eyes to the lies, corruption and total lack of accountability that come so naturally to the permanent political class," Palin wrote on Facebook Wednesday afternoon. The failed 2008 vice presidential candidate went on tocite an old quote by Cruz, who had demanded for the "accountability and truth" in government. Palin went on to say that it "saddens" conservatives to witness the "lack of accountability" and "lies" that she believes are coming from the Cruz campaign.

Palin then turned her attention to Cruz's campaign chairman Rep.

Steve King, who she accused of "lying" about a reported incident involving the Cruz campaign allegedly spreading rumors of Carson's exit from the race in an attempt to get votes during the caucus. "Cruz. That's a dirty trick," Palin said, "The voters deserved better!"

In closing, Palin insulted Cruz in the worst way possible in the eyes of conservative voters; she compared him to President Obama.

"The Cruz Campaign's actions to destroy a good man's efforts to serve are no different than Obama's practice of not holding anyone accountable," she said of Cruz, stating, "Typical politics. Typical politicians."

Looking ahead

Cruz's win in Iowa didn't come as a surprise to many as Hawkeye State Republicans often swing to more Tea Party and Evanleglical conservatives.

Following Trump's defeat in Iowa, Palin appeared to be critical of the former host of "The Apprentice," stating that he needed to be more conservative to win the state. The New Hampshire primary, which takes place this Tuesday, is expected to be a good night for Trump as recent polls show he has a lead of over 20 points against his GOP rivals.