There is an organization many are not familiar with called "Medical Organizations supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes" (M.O.V.E.). This organization, driven by scientific proof and ethics,is now supported byover 350 medical, science & research professionals worldwide. Their message to other organizations and smokers is crystal clear: M.O.V.E. members support e-cigarettes as a way to reduce or eliminate the use of combustible tobacco.

Focusing their attentionsquarely one-cigarettes, they have a simpleposition on other cessation methods, stating "Unfortunately, currently available smoking cessation medications have limited efficacy and acceptability for the majority of smokers".

You won't find demeaning statements against smokers on their website ( There are no suggestions about finding an alternate method, no disdain about your lack of effort to stop smoking. Responsibly, they are in scientific agreementabout theevidence on e-cigarettes. That decision is ethically based. Like Public Health England, M.O.V.E. and its members support e-cigarettes and the "clear public health benefits" they bring.

This organization states: "the use of electronic cigarettes clearly has huge potential to help many smokers turn their backs on tobacco." On this point they are very specific: "E-cigarettes do not ‘renormalise smoking’ – ‘vaping’ is not smoking." They make a another point that it'sthe chemicals in combustible tobacco thatput smokers at risk, not the nicotine.

Studies show e-cigarettes are a more effective wayto curb smoking than traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Unlike most professionals, M.O.V.E. members are supporting e-cigarettes with a completely different approach using science and ethics! When a new study comes out they report and decipher the real issues, at times within hours.

That's dedication to public health, not scare tactics and control.

On the other hand, "unprofessionals" have cherry-picking contests on evidence in the tobacco control world. Somewhere, trumpets sound and journalists crawl out from under rocks and start typing. Few reporters bother to mention M.O.V.E.. Fewer care about the facts.

Speaking of "churnalism", recently a report came out with headlines that e-cigarettes MAY cause cancer. Well. according to "experts", they don't know enough, suddenly there are claims of cancer? It was of course, dismissed.

M.O.V.E. members don't mince words; instead they continue down the ethical and scientific path of harm reduction with e-cigarettes and report it truthfully. Tobacco control experts, organizations and journalists on the other hand, show little integrity or ethics in their wishy-washy dismissal of e-cigarettes as a tool for harm reduction. Thatraises serious questions abouttheir credibility.

If you are asmoker trying to determine who's right or wrong about using an e-cigarette to reduce or stop smoking, I assure you these professionals support vaping as a means to reduce or eliminate smoking from your life.

If you are in the "don't know enough" and don't know "long term" effects of e-cigarettes camp, you aren't doing your job. Lives are at stake, and you are directly or indirectly swaying public opinion.

At last years Global Forum on Nicotine, M.O.V.E. member Dr Attila Danko gives a powerful speech on e-cigarettes.

The members of M.O.V.E. are the unsung heroes of the tobacco harm reduction world. If you are in the medical, research or science fields, I encourage, in fact urge you to join these professionals at M.O.V.E.

Image source: Flickr