After the Federal Bureau of Investigation inspected the evidence and leads, it was confirmed that the San Bernardino shooting was linked to the Islamic State.

With that said, where's the same support everyone showed Paris in itstime of dismay?

Anti-Media reported that the U.S.-shownsolidarity for Paris was "misguided." The source didn't say that it wasn't justly due.

However, it didsay that there was neglected terrorism around the world getting no support also. Why Paris, specifically?

Is Facebook Staff Out For The Holidays?

Unfortunately, it looks like America stands alone as a nation attacked by ISIS, regardless of our alliances with many other countries across the globe.

Well, at least in the "solidarity" department, anyway.

According to CBS Local - The Bull, Facebook has "shown its true colors." In the article, writer Nick Russo expressed as follows.

"I don’t understand why we haven’t been given an American Flag filter to show solidarity for our friends in California. Were there not enough deaths?

Does Facebook consider France more important than the United States? Were European Facebook users given the option to show support for Americans whose lives were taken by terrorists?"

As it appears from NBC-7 San Diego, Americans have been making their own tributes to the San Bernardino shooting victims.

A Woman On A Mission: San Bernardino Shooting

As reports Inquisitr News, the FBI confirmed that Tashfeen Malik wasn't a U.S. citizen, but she came here with intent to carry-out ISIS-inspired orders.

Prior to leaving her country, she actually pledged her allegiance to the Islamic State by way of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. However, she made the pledge under another name via Facebook.

It's known that ISIS uses social media as its means of recruitment. Sadly, there areUnited States citizens that have allowed themselves to become brainwashed and defected as well.

'It's Just Business'

Personally, I thinkFacebook's Paris initiative wasa show of business politics. It's possible that Facebook saw a moment in which it could capitalize on a situation. Thus, it got everyone involved in Paris' solidarity moment.

A few days before that attack, Boko Haram had just massacred an entire village of Nigerians. Not a word was spoken via Facebook.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share this article. Let's get solidarity for the U.S.