Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece announced the reopening plan for tourists. The country is a favorite Travel destination and tourism powers its economy. There are archaeological sites and historical sites apart from the beaches. However, threats of the pandemic forced Greece to follow the guidelines to prevent spread of the disease. That meant closing the borders and maintaining social distancing. The authorities took prompt action at all levels to ensure that the virus affected less than 3000 in two months with very few deaths. The disease has taken a heavy toll of lives all over the world and scientists are trying to come up with a vaccine.

The Prime Minister lauded his country's fast response and success in containing the virus. He feels the good work done would give confidence to visitors and added that most of the flights would resume by July 1.

CNN says there will be no Coronavirus test for tourists neither will quarantine be applicable. Tourism Minister said health officials would conduct spot tests depending on necessity. There would be an added boost to healthcare capacity at popular tourist destinations. The medical staff equipped with improved facilities would handle any possible infections. Kyriakos Mitsotakis said – “We will win the economic battle just like we won the health one." He also cautioned that the financial impact of the disease could go beyond expectations.

Tourism drives the economy of Greece

The importance of tourism to Greece is evident from the fact that it accounts for nearly 20 percent of its GDP and one in four jobs has links to tourism. Coronavirus has had a severe impact on its economy and it is desperate to make good the losses. It has successfully contained the pandemic and the authorities want to reap the benefits by opening up the tourism sector at the earliest.

The plan is to open it earlier compared to neighboring countries like Italy and Spain. These are also important tourist destinations.

CNN mentions that the Greece plans to cover both long-term and seasonal tourism.

This is because the summer months account for most of the tourism revenue. The Greek Tourism Ministry recorded more than 33 million tourists who visited the country last year. In early 2020, the forecasts for the summer were positive but the virus has dashed all hopes. Incidentally, beaches have already opened, as have archaeological sites. However, food outlets would become operational on May 25. That is when ban will be lifted on travel to the Greek islands.

Greece announces a phased start to tourism

According to 9 News AU, the government of Greece announced its tourist season would start on June 15. That will coincide with the opening of seasonal hotels and the arrival of the initial batch of visitors from foreign countries.

The tourism minister indicated that work was on to identify and prioritize the countries from which visitors will be able to arrive in Greece. The selection will be based on certain criteria evolved by a committee of experts associated with the pandemic. In all probability, Balkan and Baltic countries, Germany, Israel and Cyprus could be in the first list. They can fly through Athens' international airport as of June 15. Direct international flights through other airports will be effective from July 1. As far as other countries are concerned, they can expect to gain entry provided they are able to fight off the threats of coronavirus.

Greece is a favorite travel destination

Greece is a country in Europe famous for the islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian seas.

Its capital is Athens and it has architectural marvels that attract tourists. It is also well known for its beaches. Last year in July, Greece faced a freak storm. It was of 20 minutes duration and killed six tourists. Greece has to, also, tackle the problem of migrants. It plans to build a sea barrier off Lesbos to check this menace.

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