The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the Travel industry and American Airlines plans to cancel many of its international flights this summer. Demand for such routes has nosed dived because many countries are not accepting outsiders who might pose dangers to others. Some major airports witnessed a decline in flights to the extent of 50 percent to 70 percent. However, American Airlines has hastened to add that its domestic service would operate as usual. One of its senior officials clarifies that during April and May, it would eliminate most of its international flights.

The demand for domestic flights is expected to remain weak until May because of inadequate bookings. He adds that the airline does not plan to cancel all flights. That is not practical since there are some sections of people who must travel, like those who belong to the medical profession.

Daily Mail UK quotes the official saying, “We are making no plans for the cessation of flying. The important thing is to provide a minimum level of essential service to customers ... but we do it in such a way where we don't burn an excessive amount of cash.” American Airlines is trying to do a balancing act and weighing various options.

New international routes will be a low priority for American Airlines

In view of the condition of air travel against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, the airline will not have any priority on the launch of new international routes. It will go on the back burner until 2021. It also plans to delay the launch of anew winter seasonal service while putting on hold a number of summer seasonal flights.

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As far as international flights are concerned, American Airlines will resort to large scale cancellation. Most of these will be in the Pacific regions followed by Atlantic and Latin America. Times are difficult and the airline cannot be faulted for cutting corners because it has to survive.

Daily Mail UK says May will see drastic cuts.

Washington Reagan National Airport normally handles 250 weekday flights, which will plummet to about 28. Similarly for New York's JFK International Airport. It will go down from 100 flights a day to about one-tenth that figure. As far as the Dallas-Fort Worth hub goes, it will drop from nearly 1,000 planned flights a day to a fraction of that. The decline in government travel is a factor responsible for this situation. The airline has decided to suspend flying its fleet of A330 to conserve costs.

American Airlines redrawing its strategies

According to Dallas News, as customer demand slides due to the COVID-19 pandemic, American Airlines plans to cancel most of its international routes. Some of these will be from DFW International Airport to Rome, Munich, and Auckland.

The last of these cities in New Zealand was to have been a new destination but it is not likely to materialize until winter 2021. Demands have nosedived dramatically in recent weeks. Airlines are working with fewer employees and are trying to draw up strategies to survive the crisis. American Airlines says a tentative date for the restart of service from DFW to Hong Kong, Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Seoul will be July 7. However, restarting flights to Shanghai and Beijing is not likely to happen until October.

Coronavirus pandemic affects American Airlines

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the disease that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. It has forced many airlines to ground their fleet and American Airlines is no exception.

The airline connects destinations within America as well as overseas. Last year, the era of McDonnell Douglas MD-80 ended for American Airlines. Incidentally, during its normal services, the airline has faced embarrassing issues. There was the instance of a passenger who tried to gain entry into the cockpit of an American Airlines flight.