The loss of a loved one can be devastating. That's what it probably feels like for Ms. Kitty, a 10-year-old tabby who was suddenly placed at the Misfits, Mutts & Meows shelter in Crescent, Oklahoma, along with her sister, Sadie.

As we remember senior pets this November, which is 'Senior pet month', we want to share Ms. Kitty's story.

This domestic shorthair cat ended up at the shelter after her owners passed away, and no family members were able to take her. This is often the case with senior Pets, with their worlds turned upside down when primary caretakers are no longer around.

Ms. Kitty's personality

Although Ms. Kitty is an older gal, she is still very playful, with a loving personality. "She's a very sweet and lovable girl," wrote Joy Williams, founder of Misfits, Mutts & Meows.

Friendly, quiet and easy-going, she gets along well with other cats and actually likes to be held and carried around like a baby. Ms. Kitty doesn't let boredom get to her -- she is quite capable of entertaining herself with toys. She loves cheese and is fond of watching squirrels out of a window.

Belly rubs

The cat's belly is a very vulnerable part of its body. When a cat exposes its belly to you, it is saying, "I trust you with my life." Ms. Kitty is a big fan of belly rubs.

Unlike dogs, not all cats enjoy this type of treatment.

If a cat seems uneasy or aggressive when you pet its belly, it would be best to respect their boundary.

The ideal home and owner

Ms. Kitty is likely to fit into just about any home. She loves bathing in the sun, so your home would be perfect for her if it has windows that can let in a lot if sunshine. Perhaps, you can build her a catio that will allow her to enjoy some fresh air.

If you have any dogs and you are wondering if they would be a nuisance for her, don't worry - she completely ignores them. She has lost several pounds and now enjoys running around the house and chasing toys stuffed with catnip.

Potential adopters must consider that older cats tend to slow down as the years go by. Young, boisterous children might prefer livelier and more energetic cats.

Health issues may also arise, therefore, it is of utmost importance to provide them with a happy and healthy life.

How to adopt her

If you would love to welcome Ms. Kitty to your home, why not adopt her sister Sadie as well? Cats love all things familiar and they'll have a chance to entertain each other if you don't already have cats.

If you can provide this beautiful feline with a loving home, great outdoor viewing and plenty of sunshine, then it won't be a bad idea to adopt her.

You can contact Misfits, Mutts & Meows at 1-405-471-3922 to set up a meet and greet or attend an adoption event.