Kruger National Park in South Africa is a favorite Travel destination. It is home a large variety of wildlife including nearly 2000 lions and they move about freely on the roads. Tourists who come to the park love to see them move about irrespective of vehicles that usually stop to allow the big cats to pass. However, the sudden escape of a pride of 14 lions has taken the authorities by surprise. It seems their whereabouts are now known. This is as per the information provided by the state government of Limpopo. The lions are spotted near a town close to the borders with Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

The public is told to be “alert at all times” and they must not let down the guard until the animals were recaptured.

The Guardian reports that an official of the provincial government has assured the people the situation is under control and they must remain calm and not panic. The exact point of time since when the Lions went missing from the park is not known. Experts confirm that the condition of the fencing is good and add that, in spite of that, it is not possible to prevent animal movements out of the park.

The escape is a mystery

The park is a massive affair covering nearly 2m hectares.

It is home to innumerable species of birds and animals. On a rough estimate, there are around 2000 lions in the park and it is not clear how so many of them escaped or when. There is fencing around the Kruger National Park in South Africa. These are designed to extend protection to both animals and local communities.

Efforts are now on by the local authorities to ensure that the lions, once located and recaptured, are taken back to the park.

The Guardian adds a spokesman for the park has doubts about the feasibility of such action.

He is Ike Phaahla and he told South African state television - “The lions will continue to break out because other dominant lions will chase them out.” In his opinion, there is a need to separate them. One option is to make available another location where they can establish their own area. Of course, the possibility of the perennial man-animal conflict will remain and people will have to be careful.

Lions missing from Kruger

According to CNN, the missing pride of 14 lions are located in the town of Phalaborwa near a mine. The Kruger National Park will now have to arrange for necessary action to recapture them and bring them back. The government of the province of Limpopo advised mineworkers and residents to be on alert.

There are thousands of lions in the park and there is still no clarity on how the lions escaped. There is fencing between Limpopo and the wildlife and the big cats killed two people inside the park within the last two months. There have been other instances of animals killing humans. Recently, a leopard killed a child. The two-year-old was the son of one of the park's staffers and a ranger later eliminated the leopard.

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