"Radio of horror" is a radio show that aims to please fans of horror. Known for interviewing horror-entertainment aficionados, Radio of Horror has featured actors, directors, comic book writers, artists, and musicians with a taste for the macabre. The show also plays music from classic films and is similarly friendly to Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Hosted by Chris Denmead--who hails from Framingham, Massachusetts--the show is broadcast on 91.3 FM which operates out of Worcester and holds the distinction of being New England’s Longest Running Horrorshow.

Aside from being a radio host, Chris is also an author who wrote “Vlada A Dracula Tale a Gender Swap Dracula” comic book and helms two podcasts called “The Dead Tv Podcast” and “Goth Girl Horror A Hack/Slash Podcast.”

Chris lives with his son and a black cat named Sebastian. He recently took the time to discuss his career and more via an exclusive interview.

Comics, TV, and radio stations

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get into horror and what sort of horror most appeals to you?

Chris Denmead (CD): It when I was very young and watching movies I should not have been. So, my obsession with horror was from when I was a child watching things on TV that gave me nightmares which made me want to learn more and watch and read more horror comics.

I loved movies and television shows like “Tales from The Crypt,” “Tomb of Dracula,” and slasher movies and more vampire movies! Vampire movies are what I cut my teeth on horror-wise.

MM: You also like Fantasy and Science Fiction, so why do those themes also interest you and do you like them on the whole or do you stick to their darker sides?

CD: “Alien,” “The Dark Crystal,” “Aliens Versus Predators,” “Lifeforce,” and “Dead Space,” all cross genres into darker aspects of their categories.

MM: How did you establish yourself on the radio and how many listeners do you currently have?

CD: It was at an art festival the radio station had a booth set up and was looking for help.

MM: This is the longest running horror show in New England, so what do you think is the appeal?

CD: Interviews and the music drive the appeal I welcome anyone from the horror industry on my show!

Programming, podcasts, and authorship

MM: What sorts of programming do you look for, and who are some of the coolest people you have ever interviewed?

CD: Steve Niles of The October Faction, director Darren Lynn, Bousman, and Marv Wolfman who is the creator of “Blade” were all really memorable.

MM: How do select who to feature on your program?

CD: It's just whoever I can get week to week.

MM: You are also an author, so what inspired your books, and how did you find their publishers?

CD: I self-published and I am still looking for someone to help with that.

MM: Can you tell us about your two podcasts and how they differ from each other?

CD: “Dead TV” covers canceled TV shows in the Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy genres. We are currently covering “The Addams Family.” My cohost is Mistress Zeneca Goth Girl Horror covers the comic series “Hack/Slash” by Tim Seeley. We break it down one issue at a time. My cohost is Sarina. “Lost Boys Movie Min Podcast” breaks down the 1980s Vampire movie five minutes at a time. My cohost is Scott Danilleson.

MM: I have to ask...what is that absolutely scariest horror media (book, movie, tv show, etc.) that you have ever come across?

CD: That’s hard to say because it’s all very subjective and can really be broken up. “Dagon” was the first movie in years to give me a nightmare.

MM: What are the best experiences that your life as an author and radio host has afforded you, and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

CD: The people--all the different people I have met. Some of the best people in the world come from the horror industry!