Harry and Meghan’s outlook on life has always been different. They love to move away from the beaten track and have always dropped hints that they want to live their lives on their terms and condition. It includes bringing up their child. That is what they have been doing till now and they do not want to change their style of living. Even before Archie was born, the two of them have been redoing the interiors of Frogmore Cottage to ensure that their baby gets the best. The cottage was a gift to them from the Queen last year. The royal couple now wants to renovate their home still further and concentrate on the exteriors.

Daily Mail UK reports about plans to undertake landscaping works apart from installing outdoor lighting in the garden. The authorities have granted the necessary permission to proceed with the renovation. A portion of the funding will come from the Sovereign Grant while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will pay for the furnishings and landscaping.

The Frogmore Cottage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shifted residence to Frogmore Cottage in April. It was before the birth of their child. Her idea was for a home birth, but due to complications, that did not happen. She had to go to a hospital in London.

The cottage was a gift to them by the Queen. Its location is not far from Windsor Castle and St George's Chapel. The former is the summer residence of the Queen and the latter is where Harry and Meghan got married.

Daily Mail UK adds that Frogmore Cottage dates back to the 18th century.

There is a lot of curiosity among the people about this property. Recently, some of them got an opportunity to go near the house. It was a part of a special charity event for the National Garden Scheme. The visitors explored the grounds of Windsor Castle but were unable to spot the royal couple. A few of the daring admitted trying to “peer into” the windows.

Some visitors made mention of the sound of planes flying overhead. They wondered how anyone, especially a newborn, could cope with such noise.

Plans of Harry and Meghan

According to Metro UK, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to modify Frogmore Cottage to make it as perfect as possible for Archie, their newborn son. In January, before the couple moved in, they did plenty of modifications. These included additional fireplaces, staircases and a floating floor. It seems they had also demolished several interior walls to make space for extra accommodation. Since the building is listed, there were strict instructions to “protect and preserve” the house, and keep the original floorboards and shutters.

The present activities will relate to the exterior of the cottage. Incidentally, before Harry and Meghan moved in, one could walk up to the door of the cottage but that is no longer possible. Security is no longer lax, for obvious reasons.

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