James Ketchell has a few major achievements to his credit that no one can think of. In 2010, he rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. The next year he climbed Mount Everest and in 2013, he cycled nearly 18,000 miles around the world. He now wants to add another feather in his cap by going around the world in a gyrocopter. It will be a 22,858 nautical mile journey and he will cover Canada, the USA and the Atlantic Ocean before following the Greenland route to return to Hampshire. It was from Popham Airfield here that he began his journey on 31 March.

Sky News reports that the British adventurer James Ketchell wants to bag the title of the first person to fly around the world in a gyrocopter. He has just arrived in Nome, Alaska for which he had to cross the open waters of the Bering Strait in the Pacific Ocean after traversing Siberia.

About his gyrocopter

Gyrocopter, in short, is an airborne machine that operates in a way similar to that of a glider.

Such a machine was used in the 1967 James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice.” It later took the form of a helicopter. James Ketchell flew in an open cockpit gyrocopter. It is a MAGNI M16C and can Travel at a speed of 80 mph. Its range is 700 miles. He is comfortable in the machine and describes it as being “absolutely amazing.” Of course, he does make mention of “some hairy moments” during his 500-mile journey over Siberia.

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He had to pass through places where the temperatures were near freezing point and is grateful for the support that has come his way.

Sky News adds that he is the UK Scouting ambassador and during his stoppages, he makes it a point to visit schools.

His intention is to give motivational talks to the children. Motivational speakers are an important part of society. He is also engaged in raising funds for a couple of children's charities. In Russia, another person joined him. He was Norman Surplus from Northern Ireland, and he has extended advice as well as assistance. In the words of James Ketchell, “It was reassuring and frankly much safer to have two gyrocopters flying side by side.”

He is a man with a dream

The Irish News describes the jaunt of adventurer James Ketchell. He took off from Popham Airfield in Hampshire on 31 March. He wants to become the first person to fly around the world solo in a gyrocopter. His broad plan is to cover thousands of miles across 13 different countries.

These will include France, Lithuania, Russia, Canada, and Greenland. He will finally return to England and feels a timeframe of six months would be adequate. During stopovers, he is visiting schools to give motivational talks and raise money for two charities. The charities are “Kindled Spirit” and “Over The Wall.” The former supports victims of trafficking, and the latter supports children and young people who face serious health challenges. Incidentally, at the airport, there was a group of three or four hundred people to see him off.